Lash Extensions at Natural Solutions, Eaton Centre – Toronto

The first time I heard of eyelash extensions I was in awe – are you kidding me?  People actually do that?  That was circa 2009, when it was becoming more popular in North America.  Over the years, I paid attention to this trend, hearing rumours that they ruin your natural lashes, they cause infections and that they are too expensive, while slowly noticing a plethora of long, luscious, thick and full lashes amongst the women I socialized with.  As more of my friends shared their experiences, I realized the rumours weren’t as real as I had thought.

Myth: Lash extensions will damage my real lashes.

Debunked:  I’ve learned that lashes actually fall out naturally on their own – having extensions applied properly will not influence how fast your lashes fall out.  Proper lash extensions are done in isolation, applying the extension one lash at a time.  When not done in insolation, extensions are attached to two or more hairs that are at different levels of growth.  Once the adult hair of one lash is ready to fall out, it pulls the other, non-adult hair with it.  This is when the lashes start to look and feel damaged.

Knowing that the extensions were not, in fact, bad for my lashes, when I was presented with an opportunity to try them out at Natural Solutions at Eaton Centre, I jumped on it!

Upon arriving at the salon, I met with Hana El chaar who is the lash specialist at this location.  She was an absolute delight to meet – full of energy, extremely informative and just as excited as I was to start the lash treatment.  I described to Hana that I don’t just want fuller lashes, I want sexy, over-the-top, Kim Kardashian eyes – because, after all, we might as well go big, right?  She caught my drift right away, and assured me that while they wouldn’t be as as dramatic as Kim’s, I’d be happy with the results.  With that I laid back and let the expert do her work.

Here are the “before” shots (excuse the shiny face):

Lash Extensions, Fake Lashes, Toronto, Salon Lash Extensions, Fake Lashes, Toronto, Salon

As Hana worked, she explained that I was getting the the C curl.  Because I wanted a more dramatic look, she applied longer pieces to the outer corner of the eye and shorter pieces to the inner.  Before I knew it, our 90 minutes was up and I was ready to see the transformation.  Here are some “after” shots:

Lash Extensions, Toronto Lash Extensions, Toronto Lash Extensions, Toronto

The moment I opened my eyes I was in love.  My lashes were darker, thicker, fuller and longer, but surprisingly, they didn’t feel any different.  The process was absolutely painless and I had no irritation.  IMG_6552

I immediately felt glamourous, and was happy that I got the look I was going for.  Hanna offered me some advice on how to maintain the lashes – I think it’s worthwhile to share these with in case you decide this is something you want to try:

  • Do not get lashes wet for 24hrs after application – the first two days, I used a warm wash cloth instead of my usual splash of water to wash my face
  • Do not rub your eyes
  • Use an eyelash wand to comb extensions to prevent lashes from clumping
  • Only apply mascara at the tips and use water-based formulations only – do not use waterproof or oil-based mascaras as they will weaken the adhesive bonds
  • Do not use mechanical eyelash curlers
  • Do not remove lashes yourself – this will tear your natural lashes – have a professional remove them for you
  • Schedule refill appointments to maintain your optimum look
  • Wash and clean your lashes 2-3 times per week with an oil-free foaming cleanser to prevent protein build up from makeup, sleep, dust and the body’s natural oils.

I followed these directions and took special care of my lashes, especially considering that shortly after the application, I was heading to India for two weeks with my family.  I wanted my lashes to last as long as possible, and that they did.  Here are a few pictures of the “after” product:

A few days after the lashes application:


Week 1: I had to try them with mascara, just because.

IMG_6633 IMG_6635

Week 2: No mascara – still looking full, long and thick!IMG_6639


Week 3: The lashes get slightly sparse as the natural hairs start to fall out

IMG_6717 IMG_6724

But, add a little mascara to the tips of the extensions and they look quite full and long:

IMG_6727 IMG_6728 IMG_6732


Soon after taking this last photo, I left for my trip to India and found it hard to document the progress.  By the time I came back, most of the extensions had fallen out with my natural hair growth.  I debated getting a refill, but decided I’d let it be for now – hey, a blogger’s got mascara to try!

Myth:  Lash extensions are an expensive habit.

Debunked:  Well, I suppose this is relative.  I found the prices available at Natural Solutions Eaton Centre were quite reasonable.  A full set of extensions would cost $120 with refill done every 4-6weeks at $40-60.  Some people get their nails done more often and for a higher price than this – so in my opinion, it’s doable.

Would I do lash extensions again?  In a heart beat!  The application from Natural Solutions is comfortable, efficient, affordable, and extremely fun.  The end result is glamourous and makes you feel like a million bucks!  I got compliments left, right and centre, and maybe even avoided the truth a few times when asked if my lashes were real.  Hey, you can’t blame a girl, can you?  I have my brother’s wedding coming up in Mexico at the end of April, and a few other special occasions I’ll need to glam up for, perhaps I’ll visit Hana closer to that time for my second dose of lash extensions – I actually can’t wait.

So there you have it – lash extensions are not as scary and dangerous as we once thought they were.  If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line at any time.  Below is a list of salon locations in the GTA that offer the same lash extension treatment I received.  I highly recommend checking out Hana at Natural Solutions Eaton Centre – she’ll be sure to take care of you!

L’attitudes –  ErinMills  (905) 569-3550

L’attitudes – Georgian Mall  (705) 739- 0999

Natural Solutions – Scarborough Town Centre  (416) 279- 0444

L’attitudes – Eaton Centre  (416) 340-9920

Natural Solutions  – Eaton center  (416)977-4848

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