Six Reasons to go to IMATS Toronto

If you follow beauty bloggers or makeup artists online, you might have seen a mention (or 20) about IMATS Toronto.  What the heck is IMATS?  It’s the International Makeup Artist Trade Show taking place November 9-10, 2013 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


I’ve been attending IMATS for the past four years and have seen it grow bigger and bigger, catering to an audience that stretches outside of makeup industry professionals – so no, you don’ t have to be a makeup artist to attend.  What’s the big deal?

Here are six reasons to attend IMATS:

1.  Extraordinary Exhibitors.  Walking the isles of IMATS you don’t see your typical consumer-focused beauty brands.  The exhibitors are primarily there to cater to makeup artists so it’s a great chance to see what kind of brands the experts work with and to learn about new and must-have products.  Check out the 2013 list of exhibitors here.


2. Great Deals.  Because this show is once a year, you can often walk away with great deals on bulk or multiple orders of products.  If you need to stalk up on products for a kit or just for yourself friends, family and gifts, this is a great place to buy.

3. Hundreds of Makeup Brushes.  With brands like Bdellium Tools, Morphe Makeup Brushes, and Royal & Langnickel Brush, you will have access to ANY makeup brush you want.  Things you may not have even seen before will be available for purchase for a percentage of what you would pay in a regular drug or department store.



4. Seminars.  Both days of IMATS are packed with great seminars from industry pros who work on major film sets, for international publications, and who lead the makeup artistry of massive brands.  These are the people who live and breathe makeup artistry, so when they talk about trends, application techniques and brands, you definitely want to pay attention.  Check out the speaker profiles here.

5. Student Competition.  This year, IMATS is hosting two competitions with eight students (from a recognized make-up school) in each.  Saturday’s competition will be Beauty/Fantasy, for which the theme is “The Elements”, inspired by the four forces of nature: earth, wind, fire and water.  The character/prosthetic competition takes place on Sunday where competitors will be given prosthetics on the day of competition, which they must incorporate into their designs.  It’s always fun to watch these works in progress and compare final products.

6. Networking.  Whether you are a makeup artist yourself, a beauty blogger, or just someone who loves makeup, IMATS is a great place to meet and network with brand representatives, industry experts, makeup artists, beauty media and more.  Most people wear tags so it’s easy to point out who is who.  They are quite friendly and approachable, so it’s a great time to strike up a conversation with someone you’re looking to connect with.

Tickets are available for purchase online, starting at $40 for a one-day pass and $60 for a two-day pass.  Click here for tickets.

I will definitely be attending IMATS this year.  A few of us beauty bloggers are buzzing about meeting up on Saturday, perhaps you’ll join us?

IMATS is definitely a site for any beauty-lover to see.  Feel free to post questions or comments below!

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