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I can’t count the number of times I’ve been stopped in the past  two months to talk about my nails.  I didn’t think people paid much attention to such details, but when you are rockin’ fresh looks from a talented nail specialist, I suppose it makes sense.

I came across Hardrock Nails via Instagram a few months ago.  I’d been wanting to try something fun and different with my nails, I didn’t have the time and/or patience to do it myself.  I decided to treat myself back in August, and since then, I haven’t looked back.

On my first visit to the salon, I was delighted to meet Johnny, one of the artists behind the Instagram shots you see at @HardrockNails.  He took me in right away and welcomed me as a new client.  I wanted edgy, trendy, pointy and cool, so when I showed him the initial design (neutral shade with the black stripes, seen on this Instagram photo), he asked permission to add his own twist:

HardRock Nails Toronto 1 HardRock Nails Toronto 2 HardRock Nails Toronto 3I was in love.  And so were others!  The people whom I least expected to take interest, co-workers, family members and even the sandwich artists at Subway, all took a moment to stop and inquire.

For round 2 at Hardrock, I wanted bright, but not boring.  While the pointed nail was fun, as my nails grew out they became too long and less practical for my everyday life, so I decided to try an “almond square” shape (I didn’t even know that was a thing).  Here’s what Johnny came up with:

HardRock Nails Toronto 4

The square shape was more conducive to my lifestyle of constant typing and texting, but I have to admit, these were a tad too long.  I wore them for exactly three weeks, enough time for my real nails underneath to grow out, before I changed it up to this:

HardRock Nails Toronto 5

This is my current nail style – shorter, more square, and much easier to work with!  It has now been three weeks with these and I am planning to book an appointment this long weekend – yes! they are open on long weekends – to change them up.

I am being completely honest when I say I am stopped 3x a week and asked where I get my nails done and how much they cost.  So here it is:

Hardrock Nails is located in Toronto at Danforth & Broadview.  Travelling by subway, the salon is literally right across the street from Broadview station.

The prices are very reasonable and actually typical for fake nails.

  • On the first application I paid approximately $90 including tax and tip to get the design I wanted.  This included a new set of tips, UV gel, shellac polish, design and the skull stud.
  • On the second trip I paid approximately $50 for the nail fill, the black studs and the changed shape.
  • On my last trip I paid approximately $40 for the fill, the shape change and the design.

THESE ARE NORMAL PRICES.  Johnny told me about the number of people who complained about him overcharging them.  It really shocked me that women think they can get this quality of nail service for less than $40.  If you are in that frame of thought, I’d suggest you do some research on what typical nail salon prices are.  I’ll leave it at that.

So, what am I getting next?  I haven’t decided yet.  Part of me wants to leave it to Johnny and see what he comes up with.  Maybe I’ll do just that.

To get in touch with Johnny at Hardrock Nails, call: 416-818-8971But ladies, use some discretion and make your calls before 10pm.  Apparently Johnny gets text at 3am to make nail appointments… I think it can wait til the morning.  No?  Also, I’ve seen a few people try to book appointments through Instagram.  Just call.

If you make a trip to Hardrock, please leave a comment and show me what you got!  I am always interested in new and creative nail designs.



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