REVIEW: Pixi’s Tinted Brilliance Balm in Rosy Red

When a conversation about a shared love of beauty products with my dear friend Anjali led to an idea for me to review a product for this blog, I was more than willing and ready. Play with new products and share my opinion? No problemo.

I took a bag of Pixi goodies and decided on reviewing the Tinted Brillance Balm in ‘Rosy Red’ ($16 each).

Pixi Brilliance Balm


Pixi is a brand that began over ten years ago and has a following based on its goal of good-for-your-skin products. All of their products are meant to be easy to use and make you look more vibrant and awake, as naturally as possible. In other words, no over done caked on make-up face – thankfully! Especially during the hot (and in Toronto this year, beyond humid) months, the more natural and simple, the better.

Pixi Beauty Balm Rosy Red 2The Tinted Brilliance Balm comes in an easy to use large crayon stick. The best part about the design is that it is a wind-up stick and there is no need for sharpening. This is a big plus; I can recall using lip crayons in the past that required sharpening that left my hands and sharpener in a big goopy mess. And of course, you never have a sharpener on hand when you really need it – so I am really loving the wind up stick here.

Upon swiping the lightly mint flavoured balm against your lips, you are instantly taken by the soft, velvety texture that comes from the shea butter and jojoba oil. The balm is also infused with vitamins A & E and rose extract to nourish your lips as you wear it. You definitely feel your lips are being moisturized and taken care of while you wear this and it even leaves your lips looking slightly more plump.

What’s so fabulous is that the colour of this tinted balm really shows. The intensity of the colour depends on the pH level of your lips (so it’s a little different for everyone – keeping it unique!), and I find that you can really layer this colour on. One quick pass at the lips leaves you with a light tint, while a couple more applications give you a bit more of a substantial hue. The red when applied lightly wasn’t too much for the day, and was transitional into evening wear with some layering.

Pixi Beauty Balm Rosy RedMost of all, I am really happy with the staying power of this balm. It’s slow to wear off and as it does, it still leaves your lips lightly stained. Unlike other long-wear products, it doesn’t dry out your lips to adhere its colour, so I felt like I could talk and eat normally while wearing it. It lasted well through my extra-hot latte as I wrote this review, which isn’t always the case for many lip products and mainly the reason I have avoided regular use of lip colours in the past.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. It’s a perfect way to keep your lips moisturized (am I the only one that compulsively uses chapsticks and balms?) while giving you a done natural make-up look. This lovely little balm just made it on to my summer must-haves – give it a try and let me know if you love it!

Peace & Love x Rashmi


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Pixi Beauty products are available for purchase in Target store across Canada!

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