STYLE: Stripes on Stripes. And Stripes.

I’m trying to cut back on spending these days, and as a result I don’t shop for clothes the way I used to (i.e. all the time).  My wardrobe feels boring.  I need to start being creative.  Somewhere in 2012 I lost my knack for style.  That can happen you know.  I have good stuff, but I find myself pulling on the same pieces and wearing them the same way…over and over again.  My excuse is that I can’t buy new things. This is not acceptable.  Frugal girls can look good too.  Can we be fun again please?I am vowing to take interest in my wardrobe again.  I tried something different today.  It’s really not a big deal, but it’s given me some hope that I have it in me to have fun with the clothes that I have.  Going from shopper to non-shopper is quite a transition.  I know, I know…FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.  But whatever.  Make do with what you have.  Shake it up.  Today I did stripes on stripes.

I hadn’t paired these two together before.  Both the top and cardigan are from Jacob, which is pretty much where 80% of my wardrobe comes from.  If you follow me on Instagram you may remember the top from these shots:

The silk top is a one-shoulder piece that also comes in a black/blue combo and plain black as well.  I have all three.

Want one?  They are still available online.  Check them out here.  Oh look!  The black one is only $19.50.

So far the only two things I’ve done with these blouses are wearing them with a high-waisted skirt and cardigan for work, and then over jeans with a blazer for going out.  Now that I am being creative again I am curious to see if there are other ways I can pull this off.

How would YOU wear these tops?  I’m curious.  And I need ideas.

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