A FOTD with purple lipstick – you can do it too!

Purples and plums have been “in” for a the past few Fall seasons.  Have you jumped on the trend yet?  I have been hesitant to wear purples as I prefer warmer tones against my skin colour, but when I came across an old gem this morning I decided to give it another try.  Remember Courting Lilac from MAC’s Tartan Tale collection?  It’s no longer available in stores, but you can certainly find a similar shade from almost ANY beauty brand out there today.I also rediscovered my NARS eyeshadow duo in Earth Angel and matched it up with Vasanti’s Brazilian Bronzer and a pink blush to create this look:

My neck looks green because I took this photo with my iPhone front-facing camera and of course the settings are hard to control on that one…but you can see that purple lipstick doesn’t have to look like a Cadbury wrapper. 
Remember – if a colour is too “out there” for you, you can always find variations of it!  Take for example this more sheer, mauve version of purple that I chose today.  With it, I got the same cooling effect of a purple tone without making me look and/or feel uncomfortable.

I will always encourage you to try a little colour to brighten things up a bit.  I really believe it can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself throughout the day!

And if you want to make yourself feel even prettier, play with some Instagram settings and make your photo more dramatic:

Everything looks better on Instagram :)

For those who contemplate how to incorporate colour into their makeup look, I hope this was helpful.  Shoot me a question if you’ve got one!

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