I am NOT a product junkie. Can I still be a beauty blogger?

Do you ever just stop and look in a drug store?  I mean literally, stop in an aisle and take a look to the right and take a look to the left.  I like to do this in the shampoo/haircare aisle.  Holy sh!t.  Brands and brands and brands and brands and brands until you can’t see a different brand anymore.
It doesn’t stop at the drug store.  What about emails?  Buy this and this and this and this.  I feel like everywhere I look I see brands and buying and brands and buying and sales and brands and brands and buying.
Then I go on Twitter and read blogs that say “I need…“, “I have to have…“, “I just can’t live without…“, “You have to buy…” – I’ve been guilty of making these statements myself.Not sure what has come upon me, but the more I think about it, the more disbelief I am in about how obsessed we are with products, brands, buying, and sales.  I guess it’s ironic for a beauty blogger to be writing about this, but that’s part of my conflict here.
I started this blog to share my work as a makeup artist.  As I transitioned out of makeup artistry I just wrote about products and looks I liked.  I also started writing a bit more on lifestyle in general.  Now I am in a place where I haven’t been a true beauty blogger in a few months and am wondering how I can jump back in.
I am not a product junkie.  I’m not obsessed with products.  I don’t feel like I have to buy something just because there’s a 3-for-1 special.  In fact, I delete emails as soon as I see a subject line that has anything to do with a special, a sale, or a discount…I don’t need to buy anything and I kind of resent the mass media for trying to make me feel as if I do.Someone tweeted me the other day asking if Bobbi Brown cosmetics was the best for South Asian skin.  I responded saying I haven’t tried Bobbi Brown.  I got a sarcastic answer like aren’t you supposed to be the source for this information?  I guess a true beauty blogger would be.  I’m certainly not.  The more I think about the thousands of brands out there making hundreds of promises to make us look a certain way, I feel turned off.  I don’t want to be a sucker for marketing.  I don’t want to “buy-in” to what these big corporations are trying to sell.  I don’t want to feed into a system that encourages needless spending on products that mostly contain ingredients that we shouldn’t be putting on our body anyway.

So, how I continue to write a beauty blog?

I’ve built some great relationships with PR people that have sent me tons of products to consider for review.  I don’t want to ruin those relationships.  I’ve also spent a lot of time and effort on building this blog, I don’t want to throw that effort out the window.
I still love the idea of makeup, and beauty, and sharing ideas and thoughts on what makes me feel great.  I just don’t like the consumerism that has developed around it.

I don’t want to pretend I am something I am not.  

I have hundreds of products at home, waiting to be sampled and reviewed.  This overwhelms me. Out of respect to my wonderful PR friends, I will go through them, piece by piece and share my opinion.  But out of my own moral code, I will not tell you you NEED anything or you CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT something else.  I will also research ingredients and company values to help you make informed buying decisions.  I will be honest in my findings and hope that both parties understand.

Don’t get me wrong.  I will still shop and I still need to buy products, I just want to make a point that the industry puts me off sometimes.  When I take a step back I see a system that don’t want to be a part of.  This next few months is going to be a journey for me.  A journey of discovery.  I will figure out how I can maintain a successful beauty blog without buying into what feels like a superficial need for products and brands and sales and buying.

I will also say that beauty blogging comes with a lot of perks and benefits.  Those things are becoming less important to me.  The popularity, number of hits, and the events I get invited to are not as exciting as they once were.  What excites me more is getting to write for you.  Getting to research and inform you.  And getting to share my  most honest opinion with people who want to listen.  Forgive me if I don’t have my finger on the pulse with the latest and greatest collections and products.  That’s not what interests me.  What interests me is learning and writing and sharing with you with an honest heart and genuine intention.

I hope that interests you too.


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