When women bond…

Friends working together
I am fortunate to have very talented, smart, ambitious and empowering women in my life.  Friends, co-workers, family members… I am not sure what I have done to attract them, but they are near and dear and I feel very lucky.I hosted a get together at my place tonight with 5 women who had never met before.  Each of them are smart and talented in their own way and bring unique personalities to the table.  I didn’t imagine that they would not get along, after all, they are my friends and I know they are nice people…but certainly didn’t expect the heightened level of comfort and openness that was experienced tonight.  Somehow what started off as a mud-mask party turned into the six of us sharing personal experiences and stories that were both helpful and relevant to each other.  Laughs were shared, giggles were heard, and contact information exchanged.  Above all of that, I am left with a feeling of joy and a positive energy radiating in my apartment.

In the moment it felt natural to see my friends, who I know and respect, getting along so well.  In hindsight I feel encouraged by these women.  In a time when woman-on-woman gossip and banter is so prevalent and competition over style, looks and success causes insecurity and hatred, I am so glad that the women in my life can rise above the nonsense and be their true, genuine selves at all times. They are confident, caring, curious and courteous.  They ask questions and raise alarms.  They say what they mean and mean what they say.  They network, help each other, and show interest in other people’s lives.  When I see the personalities of my friends shine in social environments, I feel lucky.  They make me want to be more of my true self and to let my personality shine as well.  I drop my insecurities, lose my fears and feel safe and comfortable.  They allow me to feel wonderful in my own skin and to be proud of who I am.

I wish more women were fortunate enough to have such empowering female friends in their lives.  We all deserve to be our best selves and to have people who can draw it out of us when we need it the most.  When women bond over true, genuine characteristics rather than gossip and insecurities, it can be an amazing, amazing thing.  I experience that first-hand, everyday.

Thank you to all the amazing women in my life.  You rock.

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