Coral wins. Always. And an unintentional note about parabens.

First of all, when did it become July?  Secondly, who else is cringing in this summer heat wave?  Third, why is coral the best shade ever?I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post.  Man, time flies.  Luckily we are connected through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, right?  :)  *end of shameless plug*

I’ve been hesitant to wear a lot of makeup these days because truthfully, by the time I get to work (which is only a 12 minute walk from my apartment) I am sweating and anything I have attempted to put on my face has melted off.  Well not literally, but when it’s bloody hot the last thing I want to do is wear anything on my face.  I am even finding glasses irritable.

Anyway.  There must have been something weird in the air today because I decided to do my face up…a little.

In the summer, bronzes and corals are my absolute favourite.  I find myself gravitating toward the NARS Super Orgasm liquid Illuminator.  Have you tried this yet?  It’s a sheer highlighter with a golden-coral tint.  I think it’s spectacular.

For a natural look, all you need is the illuminator to brighten up your face.  But of course, we all know how much I love blush, so I typically dust on a healthy does of NARS Torrid blush to make it a little more dramatic.

I love putting a blush on top of an illuminator – it creates a really pretty glow, that especially stands out in the sun.  There’s no sun in this picture, but you can get an idea of the “glow” effect:

What’s that on the lips, you ask?  It’s CoverGirl’s Blash Flipstick in Stunner.  The Flipstick is quite cute – it’s a two-shades-in-one kinda tube with a pigmented shade on one end and a shimmer on the other.  Today, I wore the darker orange/coral first and topped it up with the golden shimmer.

I have to admit, lately I’ve been trying to learn about cosmetics ingredients.  When I Googled the list for this lipstick, I found that it contains propylparaben.  Meanwhile, the NARS blush contains methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben.

For those who don’t know, parabens are chemical preservatives that are often used in cosmetics to increase shelf life.   There is a ton of controversy around the use of parabens in our products because they have been linked to breast cancer and increases in estrogen production.  Of the four main types of parabens, propylparaben has been labelled the safest one, and companies claim to use a negligible amount.

Before I go further, this my DISCLAIMER: this information is based on my own research – I don’t claim to be an expert, therefore I am not confirming nor denying the safety or dangers of parabens.

There is a allowable level of parabens that companies can use in our cosmetics, so I assume that NARS and CoverGirl are at or below the standard.  Many people argue that the level of paraben in our makeup is so low, that we really don’t need to worry.  My point of view: why take the risk?  If parabens are even remotely linked to cancer, I’d rather stop using products that contain them until it is proven that they are completely safe.

Unfortunately I didn’t bother to look up the ingredients until after I applied the makeup.  I wore it for the day, but I didn’t re-apply the lipstick and I am thinking that I won’t be using the blush anymore.  The illuminator didn’t seem to contain any parabens.  That said, there are lot of fancy scientific names for ingredients listed on product labels – who knows what they really mean?!  I’m just at the beginning of my research, and so far parabens were the only controversial ingredient I could recognize – that’s enough to influence me to not use the blush or lipstick again.

Some of you don’t and won’t care.  Others are becoming more conscious.  I am on a path to cleaning up my lifestyle, and the items I put on and in my body are becoming more and more important.  I am not encouraging you to buy or not buy – to be honest I didn’t even intend to write about this tonight!

At the end of the day, you make the decisions…I just know that I’d like to be more educated so I can be in control of what impacts my body.  Yes they look pretty, but at the risk of foreign ingredients entering my body and potentially harming me?  Honey, they ain’t THAT pretty!  AND, we can always find cleaner, safer alternatives to the big name brands.  It’s sad because I love NARS’ blush shades, but really, I love my health a lot more.
*sigh* and off we go to find a cleaner, safer coral blush that looks just as glowy and pretty as Torrid did!  Any suggestions?

Lastly, on a completely different topic, we can’t end a post without an OOTD, right?  Here was today’s – we’ve seen the top before 😉

And that was how I went about my day :)

Hope you are all good – if you have any comments, information, concerns about the use of parabens, I encourage you to share them below!  The more we know, the better the decisions we can make.

I missed blogging.  Be back soon!

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