Spring Colours, Jeans for Tall People, and a FOTD Challenge

I’m usually the one who holds on to the Fall/Winter seasons.  I love everything about the Fall (not so much the Winter) so when the season starts to change and weather gets warmer, a little part of me wishes it would just be October again.  Call me crazy…but I was definitely made for the Fall.For some reason I am getting more excited about Spring/Summer this year.  I’m going on vacation on Saturday and was forced to dig up all of my hot-season clothes.  Out came a coral cardigan I got last summer…and I was totally inspired to wear it today.  Because I can be business-casual at work, I decide to toss it on top of a silk blouse and a pair of wide-leg jeans.  In turn, I got le outfit:

Do you remember this sweater from last year?  It’s from Ricki’s – the relatively cheap store that has crazy online deals during which you can find one or two nice pieces for casual work wear :)

The blouse is from Jacob – bought it in the Fall.

The jeans…let’s talk about the jeans for a sec.  I am 5’10”, and tend to wear heels often.  This makes it hard for me to shop at regular stores for pants that actually fit.  My ideal inseam is 36″ – ya try finding at a regular store!  My sister encouraged me to try out longtallsally.com.  I was hesitant to buy jeans online at first, but after I had seen a pair she ordered, I decided to try it out.  With a retail location very close to my work, I figured I could return them at no cost…might as well try.
Ummmmmmmm…the jeans (above) fit like a glove!  The waist is true to size, the length is amazing and the jeans totally rock.  I know they are hard to see in the photos above, but I’ll try to get a better shot of them another time.  These are a great pair of jeans for work or casual wear, and I can wear my 4″ heels with them!
Hooray for tall-girl clothing!!!!

Have you ever ordered a pair of jeans online?  Would you, ever?

I must also talk about the lipstick. Firstly, are you following Nymphette’s FOTD challenge? It’s quite clever:

I’ve been posting a few photos on the Rock That Look Facebook Page, so go there to check it out (shameless promotion, I know). I won’t be able to do all of the looks, but when I can, I’ll post em’!

Today’s challenge was “Shop Your Stash”…so when it came time for lipstick, I dug out a wayback playback…”Sex Pistol” from Emani Minerals.

 I totally forgot about this guy!  What a great shade for Spring, right?  So glad I re-found him :)
When you have excessive amounts of makeup like I do, it’s a handy practice to shop your own stash…it’s so easy to fall into the trap of wearing your most recent purchases.  I must remember to go digging more often!
When was the last time you shopped your stash?  
Find anything interesting?

Also, let me know if you are also doing Nymphette’s FOTD Challenge, I’d love to follow your photos!

Anyway, it’s 2:30am and I should probably try to sleep. Night owl at her finest.

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