Foodies Unite! Delicious Food Show: Oct 21-23, Toronto

If you are looking for something to do in Toronto this weekend, may I recommend the Delicious Food Show?  I had an opportunity to attend the opening party tonight and it was fantastic!  Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see at this weekend’s show:

The Nutty Chocolatier has what I’d call a delightful selection of chocolates, truffles and more – this was our first stop.  When we were handed a free chocolate sample, I knew I was in trouble for the night…

Wicked Gourmet had an awesome sampling station with all of their spreads and dips available to try.  If you can handle spice, I’d recommend the Jalapeno Cheddar dip.  To die for.

An icon in Toronto’s cake industry, Dufflet was offering samples of their wicked-amazing Hazelnut cake.  I hope they have it out for everyone to try this weekend.  It tastes like heaven.  I’m serious.

Okay, the above photo had to be the cutest thing I have EVER seen!  Penny from Domistyle was way too adorable in her “will cook for shoes” apron.  This was just one of her many styles of modern, chic aprons on sale at the show.  You can also buy them at various retail locations across Canada and the US and online on her website: I will take up cooking to buy this apron.  Well…at least I have some gift ideas come Christmas time!  If you’re into cooking and style, visit Penny at the show…or at least visit her website!

I hadn’t heard of the Waffle Bar until tonight.  By the time I took this picture the waffle samples were gone, but I got to taste one with whipped cream.  This was melt-in-your-mouth kinda good.  Mmm…I want some more.

ChocoStyle (which I think is based in Quebec) had an amazing display of edible shoes!  These things were massive!  I couldn’t decide what I liked better – the shoe designs themselves, or the fact that they were made out of chocolate.

If you go to the show, make sure you check out the Ontario Veal booth.  They had delicious samples of veal stuffed with goat cheese.  You’ll be going back for me.  Like I did.

Need new kitchen decor?  These salt and pepper shakers were stunning.  They come with a hefty price tag ($65-120ish per item – based on our own price checking)…BUT they’d modernize any kitchen.  Go ahead rich people – indulge.

Pita Break had a great sampling of their Lavash crackers (which I tend to snack on at work) and some of their thick pitas.  These were delish.  I love bread.

Seafood lovers, you will die.  Little Shop of Lobsters was sampling their crab and lobster dips and they were just UNREAL.  I’m not even exaggerating a little bit.  You must try these dips when you go this weekend.  Trust me, I am a cheap-ass, so when I say $21/jar was fair for the quality, it HAS to be good!

After touring the entire floor we came across Hank Daddy’s Barbecue. The Pulled Pork Parfait looked so odd in the photo I had to try it (make sense of that if you will).

I don’t know what possessed me to try it.  Perhaps the fact that I wanted a small dinner (yes, even after all that sampling), combined with my love for pulled pork…it was layered with mashed potatoes, barbecue sauce and beans – a calorie-counters worst nightmare.  I got the small size and that was enough to put me right over the edge.  I was too full to walk around or sample any more food, so at that point, we called it a night.

So, if you’re in Toronto and are into good food, check out the Delicious Food Show this weekend!  Starting Friday, they have a great lineup of speakers, chefs and demos that will entertain even us non-cookers :)  Be prepared to sample some amazing food and meet with tons of local exhibitors, all with a unique food experience to offer!

And don’t forget, if you like cooking and you like style, check out!

Special thanks goes to Annette for providing the media passes for the show tonight :)

Are you planning to attend the Delicious Food Show?  Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about your experience!

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