Off Topic: Gary Vaynerchuk @ Rotman

This post is not related to makeup…but I am so inspired that I had to write about it!

I am assuming you know who Gary Vaynerchuk is…right? If not, get out from under your rock and check this out. Go right now…I’ll wait. Gary V. is the poster boy for social media success! Despite hearing that it would never work out, he started creating Wine Library videos in the late 1990’s. Over a few years, he was able to leverage tools like Facebook and Twitter to create a viewership of over 80,000 views a day and has now become the “Social Media Sommelier”.

When I heard he was coming to Toronto tonight to speak at Rotman’s Social Media Expert Series, I jumped at the opportunity to see him in person. I gotta tell you, his energy and enthusiasm were amazing…if charisma had a role model, it would be Gary Vaynerchuk! He covered a few different topics including using social media as a branding strategy, the importance of customer care, and his views on up and coming tools and trends. I was really inspired by his down-to-earth approach to business conduct. He talked about going the extra mile for your client, apologizing publicly for mistakes, and not being a “sell-out”. He spoke with the same passion that is visible in his videos, which really gave him credibility and as a speaker.

I was lucky enough to get a copy of his book, Crush It, and can’t wait to start reading it! I was also fortunate to get his autograph at the book signing after the event. I have to say, what most impressed me about Gary V. tonight was his complete and utter genuinity. He greeted each guest with a warm smile and friendly welcome…so when I asked to take a picture of him, he fully obliged:

I know, it’s super blurry…took it with my iPhone. There was a huge line to get Gary’s autograph, so naturally, I felt a little rushed. Does anyone else feel that way when people are waiting behind them? I get total anxiety when I am in this situation…for example, I am always flustered going through the Tim Horton’s lineup or drive-thru. I never put my change back in my wallet because I am so conscious of the people waiting behind me and don’t want to hold up the line. I often end up throwing the change somewhere in my purse or in my car, just so that I can move quickly out of the line to maintain some kind of order. It’s completely unnecessary, as most people take there sweet-a$$ time, but for some reason I get panicked and a little nervous.

Anyway, there were tons of people behind me so in my nervous rush to get out of line, I decided not to ask for a re-take. Not to worry though – I did manage to be a super creepo and squeezed in to get this shot as he was greeting someone else:

LOL – hey it’s better than nothing right? Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience with you – if you have an opportunity, pick up Gary V.’s book…I’d love to hear your thoughts as you read it!

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